New Albany-Plain Local School District Assesses Students’ Social-Emotional Competencies


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地区/学校: New Albany-Plain Local School District
登记: 5,050
地点: 新奥尔巴尼,哦
网站: www.迁移理论.us
研究 方法: Social-Emotional Learning Survey



The New Albany-Plain Local School District (NAPLS), one of the top 10% of districts in Ohio, seeks to create a culture of accountability that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for each student. Starting in June 2019, the Ohio State Department of Education adopted social-emotional learning (选取) standards to guide districts in evaluating students’ 选取 proficiency. NAPLS wanted to evaluate their own 选取 offerings to ensure they were best meeting the social-emotional needs of their students.

“The State of Ohio has begun embracing the idea that, in addition to measuring foundational 技能 like reading and math, districts should also measure students’ 选取 competencies. These competencies have always been at the heart of our district, but now that they are being included on the state report card, we’re leaning in hard to measure this and see if students are improving. It’s important to us to measure if we’re doing well so students can fully engage in their academic performance,” 乔恩•胡德 Director of Student Services, Safety & 安全.



NAPLS enlisted hg0088正网开户 to measure the efficacy of their 选取 strategies by conducting a survey of student 选取 competencies.


  • Determine if students feel that their school provides a supportive and inclusive culture
  • Measure students’ level of emotional intelligence and resilience in areas such as determination, 健康, 信心, 同情, 和道德
  • Gauge if students have at least one staff member they feel comfortable approaching with problems

“We have really appreciated our partnership with Hanover, particularly in being able to do longitudinal work—we like being able to look at work from years ago to see school improvement shown through data-driven insights. The survey team has given us solid research that we can lean on to make informed decisions driven by what our community is showing and saying; we plan to use these survey results to see how we can best support our students in their social-emotional learning. We’ve done substance use, 选取, and staff climate surveys with Hanover, and have found that our partnership helps us be better at what we do.”

Director of Student Services, Safety & 安全


hg0088正网开户 designed and administered a survey to NAPLS students across grades 3 through 12 to assess their 选取 performance on feelings of support, 学生的适应能力, 文化的接受, 健康, 信心, 同情, 道德, emotional intelligence, emotional disposition, 和焦虑. Hanover’s survey broke down each 选取 focus area into several statements, presented on a five-point agreement Likert scale to allow students to express how much they agreed or disagreed with each statement.

The study found that NAPLS students were well-equipped with positive character traits, 技能, and resources/ supports overall. 然而, while strong on most indicators, the results showed room for improvement in areas related to anxiety, 压力, and emotional intelligence.

Based on the findings, Hanover recommended that NAPLS focus on providing students with further guidance in coping 技能 and emotional self-awareness and opportunities in the classroom to learn about other cultures.


new albany-plain local school district



Informed by Hanover’s 选取 survey analysis, the New Albany-Plain Local School District:

  • Plans to direct significant resources to identified 选取 needs, specifically management of anxiety and 压力
  • Seeks to learn more strategies on supporting students struggling with 压力 和焦虑
  • Plans to launch a mentor program to increase the number of students who feel they have an adult they trust and can turn to for help


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